diggin’ deep for motivation

timeclock  1.29.14If we are going to stick with a plan to pay off our house for 3+ years we have to dig deep to find enough motivation to carry it out. The way we got ourselves psyched up to do this was to dream about what life would look like after we accomplished our goal. Basically for both of us it came down to freedom. Freedom to make choices not based on paying the bank, freedom from working regular 40+ hours a week, freedom to explore what we really want out of a career besides a paycheck, freedom to do what we want with our money, freedom to give more money to the charities and people we value, freedom to take time off work and travel. Freedom. My husband and I both like our jobs, but they aren’t jobs we dreamed of as children. Astronaut and Ballerina curriculum wasn’t offered at our in State University and we both made more practical/feasible choices.

Without a house payment we could comfortably live off one regular, full time income, or two part-time incomes which would give us more time to enjoy the real parts of life that work just pays for. These are our big dreams; slowing down, having more time to be together, being more relaxed, have more time to enjoy our real life and less time at work. A break from a regular job would give each of us the opportunity to figure out what we actually want to be doing. It would also afford us the opportunity to take on more volunteer work or more meaningful work that doesn’t pay as well as our current positions. Basically our options would be wide open.

The idea of actually owning our home, not owning it with the bank lurking right over our shoulder as partial owners is very appealing also. I find the idea of nobody having any rights to our home except us comforting.

These are the big dreams that are driving us to make smaller sacrifices in order to achieve our BIG goal. Why would you want to pay off your house? What are some of your big dreams?

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